[Hampton Roads American Sewing Guild]

About Hampton Roads American Sewing Guild

Hampton Roads ASG is part of a National Non-Profit guild for people that love to sew. See the National ASG Website for additional information about the American Sewing Guild, its mission and goals.

The ASG is run by volunteers in the local area. Volunteers lead the Neighborhood Groups as well as serve on the Chapter Board.

If you are not in Hampton Roads and would like to see a list of other chapters in locations near you, please access the National ASG Website.

How We Started

The Hampton Roads Chapter started in March 1991 (the Charter was officially signed February 1992) as a result of a small group of women seeing an ad for an ASG meeting. When the Chapter started in 1991, there were 14 members who met in a fabric shop in Norfolk. By the time the charter was offically signed in 1992, the Chapter had grown to 59 members. The fabric shop has since closed, but the Chapter found other locations and started Neighborhood Groups. Today the Chapter has over 300 members.

Members and Membership

The people involved with the American Sewing Guild are people who love to sew, love to learn about sewing and love to share their sewing knowledge and experiences with others. The American Sewing Guild has 20,460 members, 127 Chapters and 7 Start-Up Chapters.

Each Chapter has Neighborhood Groups with each group organized by a leader. These leaders are volunteer ASG members who enjoy bringing sewing enthusiasts together for a time of sharing and learning. Consider joining us soon!

We would love to see you at our Neighborhood Groups.

If you would like to become an ASG member, please access the Online Application. Members enjoy special discounts, the National Notions Newsletter, our local Hampton Roads Newsletter, and can go to any meeting nationwide. Send in your application and contact us and we will let you know about the nearest Neighborhood Group.

Members also have the opportunities to get involved by organizing special events and field trips and helping with Community Service Projects.

It takes each member to help have a great Chapter